Struggling with Sea Sickness and Flu Combo.

Evening all,

Well I do hope you are all feeling better than I am at the moment.  Last night when I wrote that blog I really thought that I was past the sea sickness however today it seems to have persisted with me sailing directly into heavy swells and 30 knots of winds...  I still haven’t thrown up but every time I do something like put a reef in or just going to the loo I feel like I am about to and need to get horizontal asap.  I am also getting the hot and cold shivers that go along with sea sickness so I am in and out of my sleeping bag.  I have managed to get a little food down however it has been a rather big sail change day so I am feeling very tired.

You will have noticed that the boat has been going rather slowly today. This morning I woke to a small front passing that offered me 35 knot head winds.  I am trying to maintain a 60-degree angle to the wind to take some of the impact out of it but it is still rather unpleasant and I am crashing off the backs of the waves with such force that I felt I needed to slow down.  At around 10am the front had passed and the winds started to back to the south but they were not very consistent.  I shook out to the second reef and would often find myself in 17 knots of wind and a few minutes later getting 30 knots...  So I am either overpowered or underpowered making the going slow.  Then around sunset the winds started to drop out and I would be getting 10 knots to 25 knots so I have just shaken out to the 1st reef on the mainsail but I still don’t really feel like I am making any progress.

Heading out.

Heading out.

Anyway it is going to be a short blog tonight because my head is pounding and my stomach is churning, I am hoping for some consistent winds tomorrow.






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