Post it Messaging Movement

Lisa’s aim is to focus on actions we can all take towards a solution.  ‘Climate Action Now’ was born as a means to spread this message, to empower communities to become personally involved and give individuals a voice on how we can support a positive climate future.  This is to be achieved through the ‘post it note’ campaign.

Since the 60’s people have been using post it notes to create messages.  Tapping in to this established movement of messages Lisa will be using the strength in numbers method to reach a greater audience.  The yacht, ‘Climate Action Now’ is to be completely wrapped in a digital vinyl hull wrap showcasing a collage of thousands of different post it messages and will be proudly sailed solo around Antarctica. Lisa is carrying this same message around Australia on her next circumnavigation.

These notes will be of positive actions that you, the people, are already taking towards our future. Messages like ‘I ride to work for climate action now’, or ‘I recycle for climate action now’ creating a simple sharing of ideas to reduce emissions in everyday life.  This will be carried across the oceans in a unique symbolic gesture indicating your strong support towards CLIMATE ACTION NOW and inspire others to take action. How many notes can we collect for maximum impact and conversation?

Together we will have an impressive impact, attract media and empower others to take CLIMATE ACTION NOW!

How many messages can we get, 1 000, 2 000, 5 000, 10 000 more?