Safe Arrival to Cape Town

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Hi All,
Lisa is safe and well. She has been welcomed into Cape Town by some members of Woman Who Sail. This was organised by an Australian Group called Woman Who Sail Australia. Lisa is staying with some of these girls for a week or so while she sorts herself out. They are looking after her really well.

It is so good to know that she has arrived. I stayed up last night till 2.00am watching the tracker, facebook comments with photos and video that was being shared. If you have not seen the video then check it out here.  Video

I had a short chat to Lisa earlier today and she is trying to tee up lots of things regarding the boat. She only has today to do this and then it is Easter.......I think she is trying to formulate a game plan.

So.........the bad news blog today.  
She said she has some really good video and photo's and will put together a blog tomorrow, so we will have to wait in included.

I have been busy though. I have been working on an experiment.  In lots of Lisa's videos she was wearing a Beanie.  I thought it would be pretty cool to try and sell a Signature Beanie. If it goes well, we may add a few other products featuring Climate Action Now Branding.

So, dipping the toes in the water. If you are interested in a Signature Beanie as an opportunity to promote Lisa's message then click the image below and it will take you straight through to the newly installed shopping cart on her website.  
It will be exciting to see how this goes. 


So, after a difficult few weeks my life is going to return to something closer to normal. For Lisa, she will be flat out trying to organise the repairs. She wont rest until she has Climate Action Now back in Albany WA, and then on to Sydney.

Looking forward to tomorrows blog,