While on holidays we met an inspiring young lady.... Lisa Blair.

by Vanessa, Millie and Pip

How did we meet? Funny slightly embarrassing story! At Albany Six Degrees bathroom - hotel accommodation (where Lisa was staying in the lead up to her departure) with a shared bathroom. The story goes. I ducked back to our room at the end of the hall while the girls (my daughters) finished their shower. Next minute I heard bellowing or should I say "a very loud sibling disagreement." I raced back thinking how rude and hoped nobody was disturbed. As I opened the door who should be in the bathroom? Lisa, listening to backwards and forwards cubicle banter! Hmm as I quietly tried to work out who had the loud voice, Lisa's in the back ground doing sign language pointing towards Pip's cubicle!

Anyway we got talking, more about us and finally, just before leaving I asked what she had planned for the day? ...........Another chat........... then she invited us to the boat shed, to hear her story and jump on board her yacht!

Meeting Lisa is one of those life moments where your thinking is opened..

We left Albany before Lisa set sail. The morning we left Millie draw a beautiful picture for her. Lisa was going to hang it in her cabin, and we've been following her ever since.

As we travelled across from streaky bay to lucky bay to connect with a ferry - on the 15/1. Lisa's name came across the air.. talking about her delays. When the girls heard Lisa's name, they sat bolt upright with excitement and with eyes as wide as 20c!! Lol so cute!

Unfortunately Lisa's start was delayed due to last minute boat issues. These issues have been sorted out, she has left . We just love following her progress using the tracker via her website.

This morning we read Lisa's mums' latest blog. Donations are needed to finalise last minute bills. I discussed this with Millie & Pip. They have decided to each make a substantial donation and I said I would as well.     SO, Lisa......I hope you get this very long text. We shared with my contacts. We want you to get the job done without worrying about the dollars. You go girl! We send you energy everyday, much love Vanessa, Millie & Pip xoxo