Friday morning has dawned grey and I'm on deck putting in a Gybe (this is when you change your sailing direction down wind).  The winds are consistent at 25-30 knots and backing to the west.   At the moment the boat feels like being inside a washing machine. My lovely pipe cot bunk I'm sleeping in has slid into the lee cloth. (the material that stops me from falling out of the bunk) It is swishing me up against the hull and then on the next wave I roll back again.

After the gybe I sat down to enjoy a late easy-to-prepare breakfast, an Arbonne protein shake as the sea state is still a bit lumpy. I then spent a good 30 minutes chasing my cereal bowl around the galley. Very entertaining if you had have been a fly on the wall.
I've spent most of day sponging a bit of water from the bilge and I've just put another gybe in North. Each time I go on deck I'm mesmerized by the sea. At the moment it's this frothing, boiling thing that occasionally gives me a none-to-gentle shove just to remind me who is boss.

Filtering in and out of the swell are so many different birds, none I can correctly identify.  Sorry bird fans I was trying to get a book on birds before I left however it was one of the extras that fell to the way side.  However, I can identify the storm petrels (my personal favourite) and the abundance of Albatross.  Isn't it a wonder that all this way from land there is still so much wild life on the surface?

Following that I received an unexpected text from mum.  When I left, due to the delays I was and still a bit behind financially.  The suggestion was made to appeal to the public for some help. I was so very humbled and excited when mum texted me to say that after posting something on facebook we have now raised over $4 000 in donations.  I just wanted to say thank you.  Your generosity helps in so many ways and it lightens my heart to know that I am not leaving behind such a big mess for Mum to untangle .......Again Thank You.

I am so grateful for this journey and the support that I have received along the way. It constantly opens my eyes to the beauty of mother nature and reinforces the need to protect what is still wild and free.......Good Night everyone.