Shore-based support update- Food Aboard

Voyage updates provided by the Lisa's shore-based support crew at the National Maritime College.

Monitoring Lisa's health and well being throughout her voyage is also an important part of our daily communication checks.

Here's a snapshot of what Lisa's meal and nutritional routine aboard. Meals are based on a fortnightly rotating meal plan.

Breakfast of muesli with tinned fruit, a variety of healthy snacks, drinks hot or cold, a daily Arbonne protein meal replacement shakes with extra greens and fibre boost powders added. To help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness she's also taking formulated supplements from the Arbonne Phytosport range After Work Out, Endure and Hydration products which are designed to help the body recover faster, boost energy, maintain hydration and reduce muscle soreness after physical exercise. Lisa's main meal of the day is a long-life boil in a bag meal from the Mary Jane Farm vegetarian range.

You can find out more about the Arbonne nutritional range Lisa has aboard from sponsor Samara Pace of Greenlilyjane.