Everybody meet George...


d'Albora's Action Project: AUS 360 Blog Update

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Afternoon All,

Well once again the winds dropped out last night around sunset and I spent a few hours drifting until the new winds arrived. Thankfully the winds filled in from the NW allowing me to be able to mostly maintain course and make every mile sailed count which is fantastic. The other great thing about last night was that this wind of 7 knots stayed all night long and blew from the same direction all night long. I know it doesn't seem like much but this is enough to get me excited these days as I was able to get some rest and just leave the boat to carry on.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing though as yesterday in the afternoon I did my business and was shutting the valves for the Head (AKA toilet) when I managed to slice a nice gash in my thumb from the edge of the hose clamp. It wasn't too deep but it is in a really annoying place directly in the middle of the pad of my thumb. Then just to add icing on the cake I somehow managed to slice a similar cut on my index finger on the same had from the same hose clamp... In all the years I have owned this boat and all the miles I have sailed her I haven't cut myself once on that hose clamp until now so I took some action and taped the hose clamp up. I also put a band-aid on but it kept slipping off so now my left hand has two fingers bandaged and then taped with electrical tape making me look ridiculous, but hey at least they stayed on.

Also last night I had some more visitors. I went on deck at about 10 pm as the new winds were filling in and I needed to re-trim the sails. As I climbed out the hatch I got quite the shock as I came face to face with a large seabird that was just perched on the rail of what is now becoming the feathered inn of the high seas. Further down I could see another bird resting as well. It was a very cool seabird with a lovely deep brown colour with a white breast, yellow webbed feet and a yellow face and beak. The way the face and beak were compared to all the brown around it almost looked like he was wearing a mask. I named him George. George was very chilled and just hung out and watched me work even when I was opening clutches or pulling ropes right next to him. Eventually, he worked out I wasn't a threat and just turned his head around and went back to sleep. And after spending the night on his free lodging and pooing all over my deck George had taken off before I was on deck in the morning.

Aside from now being a feathered inn not much has been happening. The winds have held all day at 7 knots true so I have been able to keep moving somewhat in the right direction. I managed a good night sleep last night so I have spent a few hours today just relaxing on the deck. Most of the storm clouds seem to have moved off and the winds are now blowing in from the SW which is making it slightly harder to keep on course. I am now also only 25 nm to my next waypoint and I can then alter course again and start heading down towards broom. The wind, unfortunately, looks like they are going to stay right on my nose the whole way, but at least there is wind.

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