My Book, Speaking Tour and Sydney Hobart!

Well it has been an exciting time but I have been struggling over the last few weeks to try to find the time to sit down and update you on all that has been happening.  It has proven to be quite difficult to get that hour of free time so it has been a while since my last blog.  Since I have arrived back to Sydney it has been very chaotic, with meetings about my book, putting together my next trip and trying to wrap up the Antarctica Circumnavigation.  I have been getting less sleep on land than at sea but I am hoping that things will calm down a bit shortly, a girl can dream right.

The book………. I have signed a book deal with Australian Geographic, which is amazingly exciting,  so the pressure is really on now to finish writing it. I have called it Demasted and you can  pre-ordered your signed copy from my website.  It will be published early next year.  

So, in the first few weeks that i was back in Sydney I was taking out my sponsors on a thank-you hospitality sail on Sydney Harbour which was great.  I was also able to sneak in a talk at Middle Harbour Yacht Club and another at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.  I was also pleasantly surprised when the Commodore of the CYCA John presented me with a 12-month honorary membership and a nice bottle of Mumm Champagne.

At the time, 'Climate Action Now' was berthed at the D'Albora Marinas in Rushcutters Bay.  I am yet to find a home, so I was still staying on the boat.  I basically moved into the cafe section of the CYCA and would spend 8 hours plus on the phone and using the WIFI as I tried to pull everything else together.  I became a piece of the furniture with the staff coming past offering me coffees and hot chocolates to keep me fuelled up.  It was during this time that I started to develop my next campaign.  I know what you are thinking....  Just touched on dry land and already working on the next one... Well what can I say I love getting out there and doing this……..Antarctica is just the beginning.

Now a few short weeks later I am very pleased to announce (drumroll please) that I will be entering 'Climate Action Now' into the 2017 Rolex Sydney to Hobart with an all-female crew.  I was amazed to learn that it has been over 16 years since there was an all-female crew in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, so I am very excited to be able to put this campaign together.  I am also very excited to be partnering with The Magenta Project on this one and will be joined by Libby Greenhalgh who was the on-board navigator for the Volvo team SCA.  Libby is joining as co-skipper and navigator.

For us, this is a great opportunity to create another way for women to gain experience on the water and especially with offshore ocean racing.  As such we are racing with a total of eight crew taking four experienced sailors and then opening it up to the world for four other women to join the boat who are looking for ways to learn more and further their sailing career.  If you think you would like to get involved or know of someone who would like to race please  submit your application.  Applications close on Friday 20th of October.

If you are interested in supporting my efforts with this project you can make a financial contribution to my campaign via my website or touch base and we can discuss the sponsorship opportunities around this iconic yacht race and where I will be going from here

While I have been flat out getting this project off the ground I have also been working on a few other things.  I have put together a speaking tour in Australia where am driving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast and am now into my 5th-day on-tour.  All my talks are listed on the facebook site so please go and take a look.  I will be next speaking at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club at 6.30pm on the 3rd October.  I am still seeking a club to talk with on the Gold Coast so if anyone out there can suggest or arrange for me that would be great.  If you would like for me to come to your club then please let me know.

DEMASTED: One woman's unbreakable spirit sailing solo around Antarctica

Demasted is the inspiring true story of Lisa Blair who sailed into the history books on 25 July 2017 becoming the first woman to sail solo around Antarctica.  Seventy-two days into her circumnavigation Lisa was thrust into a do or die situation when her mast came crashing down in a storm more than 1000nm from land and over 3 days from help. Lisa battled through the night in freezing conditions with 8 metre breaking waves and gale force winds. She was continuously thrust into lift threatening scenarios as she fought to save her life and her boat. After her ordeal, Lisa shows us her unbreakable spirit as she overcomes insurmountable odds to finish her world record. With her unwavering focus and determination, Lisa was able to sail home, completing her journey after 183 days.  In this book, she shares how the dream began and her preparations for the epic voyage.

Order your copy now!