One Week to Go! ......... or Not!

Evening All,

Well, I have to say that I am very happy to have had a rather mild day at sea in comparison to recent events.  I was still quite busy all day but nowhere near like yesterday.  Throughout last night I enjoyed a little wind...  They peaked at 40 knots, steady 35 knots but it only lasted a few short hours.  Yesterday morning I was in 5 knots of wind.  By midnight I was sailing in 40 knots of wind so I had gone through all the sail changes from Full main and genoa to the fourth reef and storm jib.  By 4am the conditions had eased enough for me to shake out to the third reef and try to get some miles under my belt.

When I woke this morning I did my usual business and as a part of that I visited the heads (toilet). Only, when I went to flush my business away the switch decided it wanted to break.  There was so much corrosion on the terminals that they just snapped off.  I was very thankful that the conditions were not worse as the boat was leaning over to its maximum point before my dinner from last night entered the bilges.  I was not really awake yet but I dragged out my electrical kit and started wiring up a new switch.  20 minutes later and I was thankfully able to flush to loo...  Phew.

Before I got the chance to eat some breakfast the boat was demanding my attention with its low boat speed.  Back on deck I shook out to the second reef to try for some more power.  The changing conditions were swift because an hour later I was again on deck shaking out to the first reef and unfurling the stay sail on the Pro Furl (supplied by Wichard).  I finally got below and made a nice hot bowl of porridge.  I had some calls to make and touched base with my amazing PR lady Tracey from Twentieth Letter along with a chance to catch up with my mum.  Later in the day, I also got the chance to talk with my sister and dad.  It’s amazing to think that in a week to 10 days I will be looking once again at my family.  When I set out on this journey I knew I would be away for 3-4 months.  I have have been away for a little over 6 months in the end so it will be very good to see everyone in person and not just as the voice on the other end of the line.

By 3pm I was again on deck and shook out to the full main sail and also changed over the jibs so that I was back on the genoa. In a little over 24 hours I had come a full circle with my sails.  That’s a whole lot of winching.  Somehow between sail changes and phone calls the day has disappeared again.  I am now sailing in UTC +7 so I only have one more time zone to go through to get to Albany time.  I also sailed through longitude 100 E today.  I can turn left for Australia at 118 E so the countdown is now really on.  I do find that I get more frustrated when I am nearing port as just get the mind set of wanting to be there already.  When I have weeks left at sea, I just go with the flow, as there is very little I can do about it if the weather is difficult. Now that I am on that countdown I know I am going to have some rather hard days just trying to keep my cool with the incoming annoying easterly winds.  I have not really had easterly winds this whole circumnavigation and yet the 2 days before I cross my track below 45 South are going to be filled with 30 knot Easterly, just to make life difficult.  I really really really hope that this system moves north or delays to give me a better shot at rounding that waypoint and taking that exciting turn to the North.  I am watching the weather closely and I don’t think I will get what I hoped for but still one can dream.  725nm to go until I turn North keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.


I just wondered if anyone is doing what I am doing, just continually watching that tracker like an obsessed person....... as if it will alter the wind.........I think I am going a little crazy.  

My inner brain must be starting to believe that she is getting safer, as I seem to be letting my guard down a little as well. As of yesterday, I find myself getting teary when I think of her coming in........I can't believe that I have been so good all the way with all her dramatic situations (with the exception of the mental vision of her standing up to the cargo ship and refusing to tie up or leave the boat........I was at work and a customer put me on hold and I was just mentally going over that scene and suddenly the tears were running down my face and I had to go home) I have been pretty much tear free.  Now the dam is obviously getting full.  I think I am going to be such a mess when she actually arrives.