Rebelling and Into the Junk Food!

Afternoon all,

Well I hope you are getting some lovely weather around Australia right now.  I have been experiencing fairly consistent conditions….. even if they are variable there is a pattern to it.  I go from SW 12 knots and rolling around in the swell with my 3 reefs in, to SW 22 knots ahead of a squally looking cloud and then finally get blasted for 30 min or more of 35-37 knots in the cloud. It rains and then I am back to square one sitting in my 12-15 knots.  The seas however have abated for the time being and are around the 4 m mark.

I haven’t had much to do with the sails as there is no point shaking a reef out just to put one back in again so I have been reading lots of books...  I am quietly concerned that I may run out and need to resort to reading the dictionary.  It would properly help with my terrible spelling but would be considered a desperate measure. 

 I haven’t felt the need to pig out yet on the chips and junk food on board……… however that all changed today.

I had my normal breakfast of muesli with tinned fruit and a scoop of yogurt (while it lasts)…… but…… I was then craving something salty… I dug out a packet of corn chips thinking I would only have a few, as I did only just eat breakfast. 

When I next looked up and the whole large packet was empty...(who did that)  Just disappeared down my throat…….. but I wasn’t done yet.  I pulled down the apricot chews and coconut and then finally finished of my gluttony with half a packet of licorice allsorts... 

I think that i even surprised myself today with that feast...  I do try to listen to my body’s needs in trips like this so I am guessing because I am tired I found my energy elsewhere then the normal healthy foods that I try to eat.

(Mum thinks maybe a little bit homesick)

To help rectify this I spent most of the afternoon napping.  I still feel a bit lethargic but hopefully with a good sleep tonight I will be full of beans again tomorrow and ready to tackle the world. 

The weather tonight should be much the same and tomorrow will hopefully see me getting past the 50 degrees’ South mark and possibly a gybe with a wind shift.

This will be the furthest south I have ever been so very excited………or will be tomorrow!