Can I Get a Refund?

Yesterday Morning Text
Still have the 3rd reef in but very slow in lulls so may shake it out to reef 2. Will venture on deck soon and see. Had a great sleep last ready for action!

Yesterday Afternoon Email
Well not too much to report the winds have been frustratingly light even though I was supposed to have 20-30 knots I have been sailing in 10-15 knots all day...  As I knew there was this strong wind due I didn't shake out the reef so I have been driving my self nuts all day sailing at low speeds with a triple reefed main sail in 10 knots.  I know that this is all about settling in for the distance and not pushing the boat in any way.  I do still have a really long way to go and this is really just the beginning so I was trying so hard just to wait it out but, it was DRIVING ME CRAZY and I caved an hr ago and shook out to reef 2.

While I was trying to ease my frustrations with the slow sailing I have been very studious and managed to get plenty of jobs done around the boat. Including inspecting the aft lockers, steering compartment and finalising a bunch of on deck jobs.  A rather pleasant day at sea overall.

Bob, my weather router says there are some large swells due to come though tonight and possibly through to Tuesday, which will be an interesting test for the boat.  The swell has started to pick up in intervals but nothing alarming yet.

I am also pleased to announce that I feel I have recovered my full eating habits (basically always hungry) so I feel that this is a good sign that the lingering effects of sea sickness have passed.  I am also on the last day of my week's worth of food rations and can honestly say that I will be returning home with Sooooooo much food.  I have barely made a dent in the food bag and am due to start another one tomorrow.............Do you think I will be able to return for a refund?

Here's hoping for a good nights rest and another great day at sea tomorrow.