Little bit sea sick

Evening all,

Well there thankfully hasn't been much to report from my last blog.  My boat 'Climate Action Now' is merrily sailing away.  I still have 2 reefs in the main and I am sailing on the smaller jib.  I have this partially furled so it is also a bit smaller.

The winds have been consistently between 18-30 knots but not holding in any range for long.  The most average of the winds would be 25 knots W.  I am currently on a beam reach which also puts me side on to the swell.  The swell isn't too big yet however I have had a few waves try to go over me...  The barometer has been slowly falling as I creep south but nothing alarming.  Bob McDavitt who is doing all my weather routing has forecast that I will enter in the 45S mark early Thursday morning and has recommended that I stay as close to 45 initially to allow a low pressure system to pass below me.

I managed to get a great night sleep last night so I am feeling a little more rested however I still have a bit of sea sickness, just an upset stomach. This always throws off my eating so I need to make a conscious effort to eat.  This is quite normal for me on the first few days at sea and will pass shortly.

Well I am now approximately 400nm from Australia and have about another 200nm to go till I can chuck that left hand turn and really feel like I'm on my way.

Till next time.