Official Starting Gun Sunday 22nd Jan @ 11.00am (AWST)

"I am so excited to be ready to go", she said.

Lisa Blair, 32, intends to become the first woman and only the third person in history to circumnavigate Antarctica. Her voyage will also attempt to break the time record held by Russian Fedor KONYUKOV set in 2008.


Where: Albany Waterfront Marina

When: Sunday 22 January 2017

09.30 (AWST)  Dock departure and Parade of Sail

11.00 (AWST) Official Starting Gun.

The best vantage points for members of the public are Albany Breakwall at 0930 (AWST) and the Rotary Lookout for the official start at 1100 (AWST

I (mum) can't quite believe it. I will be so excited to see the dot of the tracker cross that line tomorrow. Lisa has had a difficult week which included some extra hoop jumping and an early morning swim.

As a result though her boat is in the best and safest condition possible and she has the backing and support of the entire sailing community. She has ticked a lot of boxes.

She has the food packed away (along with everything else that had to go on the yacht) and she is well and truly ready.................excited and ready.

In the photo you will see Lynn Hewson and her partner Harry sorting out the food. Those packets which look like newspapers are actually organic vegetarian freeze dried food.  All her food has been divided into 12 separate dry bags, one per week. She also has an additional large bag for emergency rations.

Lynn is the mother of Richard Hewson who was the skipper in the 2011/2012 Clipper Round the World Race that was the start of this 6 year journey for Lisa.  She competed the full 12 months on Gold Coast Australia, skippered by Richard. They were the overall winners of the race and as far as individual legs they won 12 and were placed either 2nd or 3rd in the remaining 3 legs.  It is indicative of the level of support and respect Lisa has achieved when you have people like Richards Hewson's Mum contributing so much effort to see Lisa succeed.

I will be with you all in spirit in Albany WA tomorrow (from QLD). I am sure she will have a great send off judging by the many people from Albany and surrounding areas who have put is so much effort to get her to this point.

Also her many sponsors and support team which have taken her from 12 months ago (a boat and a dream) to this point right now.  I will try and focus on your efforts in coming weeks as apparently I have been made in manager of blogs.  

So it might be a record for Lisa, it might be a statement for Climate Action but more than anything it is a statement of what can be achieved if you just ask for help and take people with you along for the ride.

This is a team effort and it will be a team success. Everyone is part of the team.

I can wait to see the photos and videos tomorrow..................................Bring it on !!!

Linda (Mum)