UPDATE 25/06/2017

On the 4th of April, Lisa Blair was de masted due to rigging failure and declared a Pan Pan.  At the time her goal was to become the first women to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica.  Lisa built a jury rig and motor/sailed to Cape Town and spent 8 weeks in port undergoing repairs.  Lisa left Cape Town on Sunday the 11th of June and restarted her record attempt.

Officially the World Sailing Speed Record Council are acknowledging Lisa's eligibility to become the First women to sail around Antarctica assisted, given her dismasting and intent to continue.  For this to occur they consider the elapsed time of the record to include all the time Lisa spent in Cape Town undergoing repairs.  So the official clock states, the total elapsed time from Lisa's departure in Albany WA.

Unofficially, Lisa is setting a new benchmark time.  This clock restarted when Lisa crossed her track at the position of dismasting.  At the completion of this journey Lisa will have completed a full circumnavigation around Antarctica crossing all tracks below 45 south, solo, unassisted with one stop.  The benchmark time is for this record.

You will see two times listed

Benchmark: Total time of circumnavigation not including the run to and from Cape Town or the time spent on repairs.

Official Clock: Total elapsed time from Albany WA.



Lisa aims to become the first women to:

  • Circumnavigate Antarctica: solo, non-stop and unassisted
  • Circumnavigate below 45 degrees South
  • Compete in the Antarctica Cup Ocean Yacht Race
  • And, break the current record set by Fedor Konyukhov

Lisa will be competing in the Antarctica Cup Race Track and will be the only competitor, racing the clock!  When successful, Lisa will be the third person in history to achieve such a challenge and intends to leave Albany at the end of December 2016.