What is the Climate Action Now message?

Since Lisa found her love for sailing in 2005, she has noticed the impact that man-made climate change has on our environment. The storms are more aggressive and less predictable, the absence of wild life when years earlier those seas were brimming with life and the increased risk of collision with ice as the glaciers keep melting.  These are all symptoms of man-made climate change.  What we know is that action needs to be taken and a greater awareness needs to be reached.

Lisa’s project CLIMATE ACTION NOW is designed not to focus on the problem but instead on actions we are taking or can be taking as individual towards a solution by utilising the power of ‘note’ sharing. Lisa invites the community to get involved and create a post it note.  For your message add an action that you are already taking towards a better future.  This could be ‘I ride to work for climate action’, or ‘I recycle for climate action’.   Together we can deliver a very strong message which will receive a high level of media attention and create some meaningful conversations around this topic.  Lisa is has also re-named her yacht 'Climate Action Now'.