Race Track

  • The 360-degree Racetrack features gale force winds, high seas, fog, snow, icebergs, islands, extreme cold, the Antarctic circumpolar current, sailing above and below the southern Polar Convergence with the start and finish based out of Albany, Western Australia.
  • The Racetrack features 3 electronic lanes and 18 electronic gates.  Gates are named after famous Antarctic expedition leaders and famous yachtsman and yachtswomen.
  • The Racetrack outer and inner boundaries are located on latitude 45° South and latitude 60° South making the Racetrack 900 nautical miles wide.
  • The wide Racetrack allows competitors to take advantage of favourable weather systems rotating clockwise around Antarctica and within the boundaries of the Racetrack.
  • The Southern Ocean officially starts below latitude 60° South (International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO)  www.iho.shom.fr/ . Latitude 60° South is also the border of the Antarctic Treaty Organisation www.antarctica.ac.uk/aboutantarctica/treaty
  • The southern ‘Polar Convergence’ is within the inner and outer boundaries of the Racetrack.
  • For observation purposes, it is possible to overfly a greater proportion of the Racetrack with flights out of airports located on the east and west coast of Australia , New Zealand , South America , South Africa , and Antarctica.