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Motivation, Goal Setting, Never Quit Attitude, Inspirational.


20 min 1 hour


To be enjoyed by all ages and no sailing knowledge is required to enjoy. Lisa customises her presentations to meet audience requirements.

Equipment Needed

  • Ability to play a Power Point with Audio through either a TV or Projector set up.
  • Microphone if needed.


Enjoy a thrilling and entertaining tale as Lisa Blair shares her inspirational story of determination and survival.  Sailing her yacht Climate Action Now Lisa was circumnavigating Antarctica solo, non-stop and unassisted with the goal of becoming the first woman and the fastest to do so.

On day 72 of her solo journey in the world’s most dangerous ocean it all changed as her mast came crashing down in the night after a piece of rigging failed. Her focus went from setting a world record to simply surviving the night as she battled to save the boat in storm conditions.  Lisa was over 1000 nm from land and the nearest vessel was days away.  Lisa battled into the night to save herself and her yacht before finally being able to cut away the mast. Lisa then was rendered fuel from a container ship, built a jury rig and motor-sailed her yacht to Cape Town.

For most people this would be the end of their journey but not for Lisa.  With her ‘never give up’ attitude Lisa repaired the boat, replaced the mast and set off once again for the Southern Ocean. Lisa was able to successfully sail back to Australia where she became the first woman in history to sail solo around Antarctica with one stop.


“Lisa’s is a captivating presenter. She delivered a real-life story of courage and resilience that left us inspired with the power of persistence to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.”

Steve Harris - CEO The Brand Agency

“Lisa’s story is captivating. Firstly enthralling us with her dream and passion for her task at hand, then taking us on her journey of euphoria, tears, heartbreak and finally success. Lisa is an extraordinary lady with a big heart and special story to tell. Those that take the time to listen to her come out of with life lessons and are better people for it.”

Domenic Genua – BIA Sydney International Boat Show